The Love Yourself Project

We exist to inspire people to build a strong relationship to the self, mindfully creating a future with
loving regard for all living beings and the environment; ultimately, manifesting a humanity that declares itself
unwavering in its commitment to peace, loving-kindness, compassion, and harmony.

Love Yourself Blog

5 August, 2014

Vibe is an amazing Organization in Brooklyn

Hello Brooklyn VIBE!

The Love Yourself Project will be at Vibe tomorrow  August 6th at 1130am Come and check us out!! We will be bring 10,000 Hearts Workshop.

Address: 30 Third Avenue, Suite 203, Brooklyn, NY 11217

viBe’s intensive, free programs engage, inspire and empower girls (ages 13-19) to write, create, publish, direct and perform personal and truthful collaborative theater and music about the real-life issues they face daily.