The Love Yourself Project
Healing Our World With Art & Self-love

Teacher Guides

These guides are for anyone who wishes to create their own Love Yourself Project.

We encourage you to lead Love Yourself Projects in your community. It is a powerful way to create positive change in your world and in the lives of those you care about. Your project will inspire creativity and joy and help to provide a platform for people to make their art, solve problems and create unity and cooperative action.

If you use our materials, please fill out our contact form to let us know your name, school or organization and details of your successes so we can include this in our evaluations and professional development efforts.

Love Yourself Projects in the Classroom

What better place than the classroom to start an engaging conversation that has the power to cause positive change and mutually beneficial actions? We urge educators to lead Love Yourself Projects in the classroom. We have seen first hand how Love Yourself Projects cause enthusiastic engagement and an inspiring outpouring of creativity in students. These projects support students in their art making, problem solving, development of mindfulness, and provides a sense of unity and cooperative action throughout your classroom and school.

Below are links to Love Yourself Project Descriptions including materials, "How to" guidance, and suggestions.

Have questions? Want some help with ideas for your classroom or school? We're happy to help you. Please contact Michael Mut using the contact form

Summer Volunteer Program 2013

Summer Volunteer Program 2013