The Love Yourself Project
Healing Our World With Art & Self-love

Our Generous Sponsors

We depend on corporate and private donors to help pay for the supplies we need to provide the diverse programming we are proud to deliver. We are filled with gratitude for the support we receive and wish our sponsors much prosperity in return for their generosity and love.

Any amount makes a difference!

Your generous contribution goes directly to Love Yourself program operations including supplies for school programs and activities, and funding for art exhibitions and community programs

How does my money help?

Arts education and psychological studies on how the arts stimulate the brain demonstrate that arts involvement increases the human capacity to self-visualize, challenge perceptions and think self-sufficiently, independently and comprehensively. The self-visualization process and independent creative thinking processes are essential to the development of a strong individual identity and community identity. The Love Yourself Project increases access to these types of opportunities. Your money helps us reach the most people possible, and helps to build strong individuals and communities through the arts.

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